Gaurav S. Athreya


Hi! I’m a theoretical biologist with interests in the areas of evolutionary ecology, complex systems, and the mathematics used in these fields. I am currently a PhD student with Hanna Kokko at the University of Mainz and Yağmur Erten at the University of Groningen.

My work focuses, broadly, on understanding the origins of biological complexity and diversity. My current research interests include the evolution of sex, the evolution of new levels of individuality, the community ecology of microbes, and plant-soil feedbacks. I think theoretical approaches to these questions - as with many questions in biology - are very powerful due to their ability to both make predictions, and enable conclusions that transcend phylogenetic boundaries. I aim to combine such approaches with an appreciation for direct communication with empiricists. More details on my current and previous work can be found on my Research page.

You can reach out to me by clicking on any of the icons at the bottom of this page!